Gna + Emily // Waynesville NC Maternity Session

January 7, 2016

DISCLAIMER: Not safe for work // nudity and beauty ahead.

When we started Fox & Owl, we had no idea what was in store or who we’d meet. It’s kind of like meeting someone randomly (serendipity maybe?) in a coffee shop or in line at the store and feeling an instant heart connection. Gna + Emily emailed us about a maternity session a couple of weeks ago and I could tell then that they would be special to us.

I was right.

These women are both full of grace and life; it radiates outward, from their hearts. Gna was vulnerable, raw, and unapologetically herself. She embraced Mother Nature, cold leaves and all, and we watched her heart open to what the Mother had to offer her as a mother. I’ve said it before but, that sight will always take my breath and stop me in my tracks. Emily was brave and got in some photos with Gna, helped tend the fire Andrew made, held Gna when she was cold, and offered a delicate mix of strong and soft encouragement. These girls are a beautiful, fierce, and unstoppable team. Montgomery is lucky to call these two her parents, her Mothers. And we are lucky to call them friends.


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