Jenni + Leah + Tami + Tracey // Renewal Session in the Blue Ridge Mountains

August 18, 2016

When Jenni emailed me about this idea she had I was excited and nervous. She wanted to gift a Renewal Session to a group of women who, in her eyes, deserved + needed it – “I want them to remember they are worthy,” she said. She said she wanted to take them on adventure, the kind that only Renewal could offer.

I was blown away by that idea.

Blown away doesn’t actually cover it. I mean, I was moved to tears during our FaceTime meeting. I could imagine this group of women, mothers, who had no idea what they were going to do but were willing to embrace the spirit of adventure and renewal. A judgement free space that encourages you to embrace WHO you are RIGHT NOW.

They showed up in their white dresses with home made flower crowns – flowers from Leah’s garden. Jenni wrote everyone a letter telling them that she loved them, why she wanted to gift them this session, and that they are worthy. The letters were all read aloud. We all cried, I think even Andrew did a little. When she handed me a letter, I started laughing and said, “HELL NO!” and handed it to Andrew. Let’s get real, I couldn’t have read that shit out loud without losing it. It was powerful, emotional, and hilarious. It’s one of my favorite moments in our career.

The letters explained a little bit about Renewal and why we were there. With the words being read these women said, “yes”. Yes to adventure. Yes to Mother Nature. Yes to rekindling their inner feminine fire. Yes to releasing judgement. Yes to sisterhood.

They laid in the ferns, did a mediation, and became attuned to Mother Earth. We tromped through the woods like wild people, hugged trees, appreciated moss, put hands on rocks, and leaned back, hearts laid bare, in a waterfall.

These are images from that day; I hope you enjoy them and I hope they touch your heart like they touch ours.



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