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Robaxin 500 mg dosage, Robaxin online

Robaxin 500 mg dosage, Robaxin online

March 1, 2017

Joint creation with can you buy robaxin over the counter


We teamed up with Kathryn for a small (read: FUN) bridal session with Jek about a week ago. We threw together a bouquet with dried sticks, tree blooms from my yard, feathers and some greenery from can you buy robaxin over the counter in canada. Jek paired the skirt from her 9th grade prom dress with a crop top, some where to buy robaxin jewelry, and super rad goodwill finds. Jek has the best damn style and she pulls it together with an originality + resourcefulness that has no compare. Kathryn is an incredible videographer. She’s the kind of kid that shows up to a session with her camera, cute backpack, an infectious smile, and her heart wide the fuck open. She’s the best. We actually have a joint collection with her so if you’re looking for a badass photo + video team, holler at us for details:

I’ve found that in slower seasons tapping into that special creative place in my heart is so important. Kathryn + Jek were a dream team to work with and combine creativity. It was just us girls in the woods and it was everything. We laughed like hell, drank whiskey, danced, cussed, screamed and hollered, ran around like wildlings, hugged trees, listened to water dripping off rocks, explored a bear den, talked to crows, cried, and made art together. It was liberating; no boundaries just following our hearts and the light – wherever they took us. The wind was a really incredible subject for this session. We can’t physically see the wind but the way it kissed Jek the whole time we were shooting/filming flows past language and into feeling. I hope you can feel these images and Kathryn’s video the way we do. They take me to a feeling and place that I have no language for but want to live in.

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  1. Logan Novgrod

    March 3rd, 2017 at 3:05 pm

    Absolutely beautiful, whimsical, and potent. Looks like a fun and magical session in nature. Great work, ladies!

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