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We’ve had a lot of questions recently from folks asking why we are shifting our focus to elopements and intimate weddings. We made the decision to go this direction with our business because it resonates with us. Seeing our couples get married for the sole reason of love and happiness has brought out a vigor […]

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Got a good one for you with these two. Rox + Jake have history, right? Well they got married and knocked up like lovers do. They reached out to us about a gender reveal and a frolic through the forest afterward, basically they’re perfect for us. They drove from Charlotte to rock this session out […]

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Sarah + Robert were on fire for this session. It was cold as hell and had been for weeks. We had scheduled their session for mid-January but after they visited Soco Falls and saw it frozen (and glorious) they asked if we could move the session in order to use it. We were like, duh. […]

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We’re wedding photographers, right? Like, we hardly take on anything outside the scope of weddings, boudoir, and renewal. So, when Tessa (she’s also a photographer, check her out!) was all, “yo I want you to take family photos for me,” we were stoked but scared as hell. We knew what we wanted to deliver to […]

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