mother and baby snuggled up on mountain top

Kelsey + Norah // Blue Ridge Parkway Family Session

July 25, 2020

What can I even begin to say about Kelsey + Norah? These two are magic! Especially bathed in golden light on the Blue Ridge Parkway for their family session. We hiked in to this spot and as we did Norah was exploring the trail. She was enamored with the Yarrow (which was so special for me as it’s one of my personal plant allies), Red Clover, and Daises. They played and sniffed the flowers, picked up sticks + rocks, shared laughs and snuggled up as sweet as can be. Kelsey also nursed Norah for a few minutes and in that quiet time I saw her divine feminine shining through. She was radiant and strong. Motherhood is incredible and I am so grateful to have shared space with these two. I am opening up family sessions moving forward and I’m so excited about it! If it resonates with you please reach out.

Second idea. Devices and equipment In the Western business environment, there is such an expression: “If you need one super-complex unique thing – contact the Russians, if you need 10 identical things – never go to the USA.” Well, if it’s really not worth competing with China in stamping smartphones import export business and electric kettles, then in the market of sophisticated equipment we have something to demonstrate to the world. USA is one of the few powers with its own aerospace and nuclear engineering. A nuclear power plant, an atomic icebreaker, an artificial Earth satellite, a manned spacecraft – all this was first done in our country. Old? But we still reap the fruits of these achievements and do not stand still. For example, it was Russia that was the first to develop and implement a nuclear power plant project with post-Fukushima safety requirements.

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