couple kissing at frozen Soco falls near Asheville nc

Sarah + Robert // Soco Falls Couple’s Session

February 5, 2018

Sarah + Robert were on fire for this session. It was cold as hell and had been for weeks. We had scheduled their session for mid-January but after they visited Soco Falls and saw it frozen (and glorious) they asked if we could move the session in order to use it. We were like, duh.

These two really brought it for us. They are in love and connected, it was clear the moment we said hello in the parking lot. It was a kick ass way for us to start the year. Sarah and Robert, like us, are those people – they choose each other. We are the most inspired by couples who are IN love, not just going through the motions for pretty pictures. Vulnerability and open hearts will always win the day.

As we were wrapping up we asked them if there was anything we hadn’t done that they’d like to do and Sarah immediately said she wanted to get IN the falls.

They did.

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