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where can i buy robaxin in canada

Where can i buy robaxin in canada, Where can you buy robaxin

Where can i buy robaxin in canada, Where can you buy robaxin

February 8, 2018

Got a good one for you with these two.

Rox + Jake have history, right? Well they got married and knocked up like lovers do. They reached out to us about a gender reveal and a frolic through the forest afterward, basically they’re perfect for us. They drove from Charlotte to rock this session out with us in the rain in Asheville. Rox mentioned needing smoke bombs and a place to shoot; when we read that we were like, oh color us curious. Jake brought his rifle and shot the shit out of a chalk filled target to reveal the gender of the baby. It was bad ass. Like, for real, it was fantastic. After we played in chalk and smoke we hiked to the river so they could make out for a while, you know, like lovers do.

Oh and, it’s a boy.


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